The leggings of the stars

leggings (1)Ever since celebrities became a household entity, we have been obsessing about anything they do, wear, think, say, no matter what. Female celebrities enjoy particular interest, because women would like to be them and men would like to be with them. If a certain celebrity starts wearing certain apparel, it gets noticed and produces a lot of publicity for such an item, even if it is something regular people have no intention or means to own. When in the eighties several celebrities started doing exercise videos, leggings were introduced into the world as the next big thing – and the next big thing they were.

The original Jane Fonda’s Workout Book was originally published in 1981, the follow up video came out a year later. Already on the cover, Jane Fonda is seen in a rather enticing pose, wearing a pair of leggings. The leggings she wore were of the separate kind, each leg had its own. The very same year, in 1981, Olivia Newton John released the promotional video to her song “Physical”, a rather funny take on all the exercise boom, but in that video she also wore a pair of leggings. The movie “Flashdance” with Jennifer Beals followed in 1983, where from then on almost every movie or TV spot featuring dancers and exercise featured women wearing leggings.

The new leggings craze boomed. Cindy Lauper, Debbie Harry of Blondie fame and Madonna followed the trend and it went overboard from there. Interestingly enough, for leggings to become acceptable as outer wear, without additional skirts, hotpants or anything and without being susceptible to mockery by passers-by, it almost twenty five, even thirty years. In recent times, from about 2007, leggings have received a sort of a renaissance, a reawakening if you will, where even the haute couture embraced the concept and produces high-brow leggings for overpriced outfits.

Nowadays, leggings are everywhere. It seems that women use similar clothing apparel for casual wear all the time, starting with yoga pants, going over leggings to sweatpants, casual garments for women seem to fit the picture. It is not quite clear as of yet if leggings will remain or become something else altogether – in the United States leggings are often mistakenly referred to as tights – but for now leggings seem to be here to stay. At least as recent sightings of Rhianna, the Olsen twins, Hale Berry, Amy Childs, Victoria Beckham, Miley Cyrus, MillaJovovich and most recently Anne Hathaway in a pair of galaxy leggings.


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