Skinny leggings

style_110_leggings-_blackSkinny leggings, or rather skin-tight leggings are very much popular nowadays. They are very tight, and for some reason big haute couture houses have decided to manufacture such skinny leggings. Naturally, not many regular people will be prepared to pay extra, just to have a haute name on the label, but this move makes not only leggings a more popular item, it makes leggings into haute fashion. If such names as Chanel, Armani, Sass & Bide, Chanel and others are making leggings nowadays, very skinny leggings, then you know that they are here to stay.

As I have already mentioned, a plethora of stars and celebrities are wearing leggings nowadays, from skinny leggings to regular dressed down galaxy print leggings, making this fashion utensil, this former sportswear exclusive or even further back, necessity for colder regions, the new “it” thing. Hats are passé, bring in the skinny leggings. I am not sure if you grasp how ridiculous this whole leggings movement is, particularly since there is no discernable difference between leggings, pantyhose and yoga pants, other than what is written on the label. Yes, some fashionistas will profess to know a difference, but put them in a room with fifty of such pantsuits without labels and they will have no idea which is which.

Even more ridiculous are some prices that these haute leggings are going for, you can buy a fully functional used car for that money, whereby the aforementioned galaxy print leggings go for some six quid. There is no excuse for such behaviour. I guess if people are paying, they will produce whichever outrageous thing they can sell, there is no doubt about it, even if it boggles the mind. Such skinny leggings, as made by some couturiers and labelled as leggings as well, are indistinguishable from regular tightly woven pants. However, celebrities seem not to have taken the bait, because they are flocking towards a particular version of skinny leggings. Read on for more info.


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