The comfortable sell-point, does it work?

Ever since in 2007 the leggings made a triumphant return, but this time for men and women alike, people started using them as casual wear, around the house, just like they used to wear sweatpants. The main difference here is the snug cut of the modern day leggings, which are made from microfiber cotton and wool. The modern man or woman is apparently not comfortable in sweatpants anymore, the regular pants are not really something a normal person would hang out in, while relaxing in the comfort of his or her own home. So, it is the new solution, something that is meant to be the casualwear of today, even for the private outings outside of own four walls.

Unfortunately, people who did embrace the casualwear moment of the leggings craze, seem not to be content to wear haute couture leggings for such an outing. Interestingly enough, while people who are famous do prefer to get caught at premieres or events in brand name products, in private, the very same celebs prefer to wear actual casual wear. In cases where such garments include leggings, more often than not, in candid moments, when not in the focus of the watchful eye of the public, these famous people wear the same leggings as you and I – the cheap kind.

I do not want to ponder the “celebs are people like you and I moment”, but I would like to point out that actually haute couture has embraced a model of clothing and managed not to outright kill it. For some time now, hats are dead to the world. It used to be, not even a hundred years ago, that if you left your home without a hat, you were considered not properly attired. Almost everybody wore a hat back then, which resulted in haute couture picking it up and literally killing it. Nowadays nobody wears a hat. If someone wears a headwear, they put a cap, baseball cap or something similar on.

With leggings, this did not happen. People did happily embrace the new form of leggings, liked how they feel and substituted some if not most of their casual wardrobe – read sweatpants – with these newly rediscovered garments. While leggings, because of the tight fit, are not really more comfortable than loose sweatpants, they do look better on slimmer people, which makes the switch understandable. It is therefore to be expected that leggings have found a permanent place in fashion.


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