Leggings, what they are and where they come from

leggingsLeggings used to be around for a very long time, come to think of it. Going back in time, some form or another can be found almost everywhere, starting with the American Indians to their counterpart cowboys. They used leggings to avoid being chafed while horseback riding. In Scottish Highlands people used to wear them, as did people in Europe centuries ago, but they were not a fashion item then, but a necessity. Certain military uses were reported as well, a couple of centuries ago, but the real fashion breakthrough came years later, during the 80’s of the previous century, when the entire exercise craze started. Jane Fonda and her famous aerobic video series contributed, as did the immensely popular Olivia Newton-John video to “Physical”. The sequence in the movie “Flashdance”, with Jennifer Beals then completed the hat-trick and suddenly leggings were everywhere.

Leggings nowadays are doing a sort of a comeback, where fashion picked it up in a retro-renaissance, after the late nineties abandoned the whole concept. Several types of leggings are being provided now, including leggings for men and variants such as jeggings, but nowadays leggings are not only two separate units, where each leg has its own, but are interconnected by some kind of a hose. To properly distinguish between pantyhose, tights and leggings, you need to be a fashion expert. I have not even mentioned the long underwear or yoga pants.

In any case, leggings are being fabricated by using a variety of materials, starting with the most popular spandex and ending with latex. There seem to be no limitation as to which material can be used, but seemingly leggings do belong to the shapewear category, whereas pantyhose do not. However, leggings seem to be more acceptable to be worn visible, where pantyhose are rarely worn without an outer garment. Be it as may, leggings are making a comeback now and particularly in sports and dancing enjoy an extended popularity.

As your host on this site, my name is Pamela, I will try and introduce you to the fashionability of leggings and will provide you with the knowledge you may need to decide which leggings would suit your needs and meet your expectations.